With a comprehensive set of Quality Policy and Procedures in place, in conformance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and stringent quality checks, we believe in concept of ‘Kaizen’, or continuous improvement. Our QA & QC Team ensures raw materials are taken in post rigorous examination through high precision equipment, for a smoother manufacturing process.

We bank upon our Quality Assurance Plan to Provide uncompromising quality to our customers, thereby guaranteeing satisfaction that lasts. Each transformer undergoes routine testing in accordance with relevant standards at every stage of design, development and manufacturing. Additionally, supplementary tests are carried out as part of an internal sampling procedure to monitor quality consistency.

Transformers are tested under necessary working field simulations in our testing labs. Special Type Tests are also conducted in NABL “Internationally Accredited Overseas Lab” (recognized by APLAC and ILAC Australia), at the clients’ behest. We strongly encourage our clients to bear testimony to all routine and final tests, for absolute satisfaction.

Quality of Raw Material

  • All the materials used are of high quality and selectively picked to suit the customers’ requirements.
  • Electrolytic grade copper conductors are insulated with either high grade multi-paper covering or super enamel coating.
  • High quality Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Magnetic Silicon Steel are imported directly from the mill to ensure quality and achieve optimum losses for energy efficient transformers.
  • Internationally accepted paint system recommended by world's best paint manufacturer for desired environment.
  • High Grade Transformer Oil is used as per customer requirement and sampling of each lot is done to ensure the quality.

Design and R & D

Marson’s takes pride in designing tailor-made transformers to suit every customer’s requirements. Highly experienced industry experts in transformer designing, coupled with frequent investment in research & development contribute to the company’s ethos of producing energy efficient transformers in a bid to create a sustainable environment. Our transformers are designed to meet all the latest National & International Standards including BIS, EU-Directive, IEC, ANSI, BS, DIN etc.

Our untiring efforts serve to offer quality and performance par excellence, along with competitive prices and delivery. Wide range of our transformers are tested and validated by NABL approved testing laboratories. We use best in class materials most suited to individual client specifications and capable of withstanding temperature and pressure variations. Most of all, we lay prime importance to reasonable precautions and safety provisions for the concerned parties, involved in operation and maintenance.